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Technique: Why He Is The Rosé wine is Rose?
"To understand, learn At Dreaming! » August Kekul

Where do these different pink colors that make us dream ??

Some notions of technical bases (or pink survival guide) ... 10 points in an image +

The use of white grapes and red grapes is allowed.
Cutting or assembly of white wine and red shall, without exception ...
The major factors that will influence the final color of rose wine, a sweet and tender alchemy:
1. The vine, the grape variety, it can be pink color but mostly red.
2. The dyestuffs (anthocyanins) and tannins found in the skin of the grape, their quantity and their ability to be dissolved in grape must and when the mash ferments to give wine, plays a key role in the future of the color of the final rose wine. In between, my "heart" balance, a yellow rose next to each other on red rose.
The yellow dominant depends mainly on the extraction of tannins relative to anthocyanins.
 Example: Cinsault gives clear goods, "pale pink" Syrah product "pink" pulling "the red rose" and Mourvèdre "yellow rose", ie orange "
3. The nature of the soil
4. Climate and microclimate of the plot
5. The choice and viticultural practices, different work in the vineyards
6. The state of the vintage, maturity and health status
7. winemaking techniques and pressings that select the different types of pressed for a search of the desired final color (48h clock).
The skin contact time of the grape with the grape must (grape juice).
8. The choice of yeast for the fermentation of grape must
9. The breeding and conservation
10. And one last "touch of color" not least ..; the soul of the winemaker and the winemaker!


What about rosé wine ?

 must say ...

making rosé wine or rosé wine elaboration/creation?

binding on the famous professor of Enology of Montpellier !!

cars are manufactured, we create rose wine!