Rose Wine - Pink Wine - Blush Wine...

Gentleman of colours ...rose wine hacker

Rosé wine is approaching
red wine with red grape varieties used.
white wine by its freshness and winemaking technics employed.

Nevertheless, natural, he remains himself, naturally rosé and certainly not a mix of red wine and white wine!

His childish side (pink color) and ambiguous, and a nuanced face yellower or redder, his constant dithering between red and white, gives him both a seductive character, tortured and mysterious, which provides its success with many fans of pleasures and discoveries.
He reveals his talents in many culinary adventures, it is ubiquitous, it is discovered in France and abroad.

No wine food pairing or matching  can resist his tastes and subtleties!
His attraction for the friendliness and respect "for ignorance Wine" make it very friendly to a wide public amateur or professional: it is the promise of happy memories as long as adventure, as we have tasted.

Charming, is not infallible, however seductive, and if we give preference to its rivals, red wine and white wine, it does not hold it against them, giving it a more human dimension as well number other wines.

leu pétit rozé de prouvence, The little pink, a little pink, leu petit rozé rosé, a rosé that can be found in the style of sentences:
Daddy's little pink is expected to BBQ;
Advice me about "un pétit rozé de prouvence";
a rosé, please! ...